Innovation at L&T Technology Services

We are focused on driving innovation and adopting solutions in line with technological trends. Our culture of innovation since our establishment has enabled us to expand the range of our offerings to customers and improve the delivery of our solutions and products. We have initiated Proofs of Concepts (“POCs”), which are to demonstrate the viability of a design concept, set up labs and developed new centres of excellence, where we have invested in new technologies such as engineering analytics, power electronics, IoT and M2M, which has allowed us to capitalise on key growth areas and trends.

We have a dedicated team of skilled individuals with technical background and domain experience in each of our verticals with a focus on evolving technologies. These teams follow a structured applied innovation and solutions development process and work with delivery functions to identify the key concerns of our customers and generate solutions, ideas and concepts to address the concerns.

We have a proven track record of product innovation to meet the needs of our customers, changing industry trends, evolving technology and emerging competition. For example, in 2015 we co-developed a new innovative product, “Gyro”, a motion-activated screwdriver, and also built an end-to-end software platform for dual-touch screen smartphones, which includes an E-ink display, with our customers. We have filed 34 proprietary patents, and 134 patents have been filed by our customers along with our employees. We also have one published trademark and 11 pending trademark applications.

Further, we have labs in Mysore, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Vadodara, as well as access to L&T infrastructure. We also work with our customers to support their R&D initiatives. In November 2015, we jointly launched a global IoT solutions centre on our campus in Bengaluru with a global major network solution provider. For some of our customers, we also partner with their in-house captive research centres across different verticals. We believe that such partnerships have enhanced our product platform and service offerings given to our global customers.

We work closely with international and national scientific institutions in order to continually source ideas for engineering solutions. We also encourage our engineers to share ideas through our innovation portal, which allows our employees to submit ideas that can be reviewed and assessed by other employees globally. A number of our solutions have emerged through this innovation portal. We promote annual technology events such as Tech Panorama, which is an initiative by the Technology Solutions and Innovation Centre to within our Company to serve as a platform for our employees to participate in technical events and forums to showcase their skill and demonstrate their ideas.

We also engage with the government and technology partners from various key business verticals to explore solutions. For example, we have become a strategic partner in the IoT CoE for start-ups, and we are leading the initiative created by NASSCOM in association with the Indian government. Our other alliances and industry partnerships include Intel, Sierra Wireless, National Instruments and Tele2.

We believe that our culture of innovation has enabled us to grow and retain our customer relationships and successfully achieve process and productivity improvement for customers. This has enabled us to continuously expand and diversify our services offering, as well as to maintain our competitiveness in the ER&D industry.

L & T Technology Services

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