Innovation at L&T Technology Services

Deeply passionate and perennially curious, the need to create is a true phenomenon at L&T Technology Services. Our culture of innovation has led to filling of 254 patents. We continuously innovate to make engineering solutions leaner and less complex through our state-of-art lab facilities, collaboration with multiple technology partners, annual innovation-centric events and a unique forum for sharing the best ideas.

  • Innovation, Research & Test laboratories - Our research centres seek to replicate our customer’s work environment, enabling us to work very closely with the customers’ research and development teams on product innovation through leveraging our technology. Our 30+ laboratories explore technologies such as IoT, Digital engineering (smart products, smart services, smart manufacturing and smart operations) and provide state-of-art lab infrastructure. Our laboratories include the Tear-down lab, IP, material testing, thermal testing and many more lab facilities catering to different industries.
  • TechPanorama - an initiative by L&T Technology Services, serves as a platform for our employees to showcase their creative skills and demonstrate ideas. In 2016, over 8000 employees participated wherein over 2534 whitepaper abstracts were evaluated and 150 inventions & innovations displayed. We have multiple products patented on our name as part of this initiative.
  • Collaboration with NASSCOM, Microsoft, Sierra Wireless, National Instruments, Redknee, Intel, Tele2 and IISc - We also work closely with national, international and scientific institutions to continually source ideas for engineering solutions. For example, we have become a strategic partner in the IoT Centre of Excellence for start-ups, and we are leading the initiative created by NASSCOM in association with the Indian government. Our other alliances and industry partnerships include Intel, Sierra Wireless, Redknee, Microsoft, National Instruments and Tele2. We have recently entered into a partnership with the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore to jointly work towards innovations in the areas of Sensors and Energy Efficient Systems based on Nanotechnology.
  • TS Connect Platform - This is the web based portal, where employees of L&T Technology Services participate and share new ideas. This forum includes features such as vertical and stream updation and master list creation to screen ideas and theories which can be practically implemented.  This platform also includes portals such as TechnoXpert, iKnowledge and tools for engineering design automation enhancement.

We believe that our culture of innovation has enabled us to grow and retain our customer relationships and successfully achieve process and productivity improvement for customers. This has enabled us to continuously expand and diversify our services offerings and exceed expectations in the ER&D industry.

L & T Technology Services

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