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ESE from L&T Technology Services offers - Smart Hardware Board Design, which includes product/system architecture, schematic design, FPGA design, an design analysis.


The smart, connected age is compelling product designers to go back to the drawing board.
• Driven by customer demand and quick production turn-around, companies are looking for innovative ways to engineer compact products – the ability to do more in less.
• The science of putting together the right sensors at the right places for the right purpose is emerging as one of the most critical elements in smart product design.
• With smart products increasingly being deployed on the “field” with no access to external power sources, a key consideration is in engineering high performance devices that consume minimal power.
• As products increasingly get connected to a massive Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, it is imperative to engineer advanced security features at the microchip level to ward off cyberattacks and firmware hacking.



ESE from L&T Technology Services offers:
• Smart Hardware Board Design, which includes product/system architecture, schematic design, FPGA design, an design analysis.
• PCB Layout Engineering Services.
• RF Engineering Services.
• Firmware Engineering [bootloader/BIOS, board support package, device-driver development, OS porting, and customization].
• Product Verification and Validation.
• Prototype Manufacturing, Certification and Manufacturing Test Benches.
• Smooth transition to contract manufacturer and support.



• Strong domain expertise across multiple industries including telecom infrastructure, consumer electronics, compute and storage, transportation, aerospace, and industrial products.
• State-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure which includes high speed digital and mixed signal hardware lab, environmental pre-compliance facility and RF Lab.
• Strong relationship with semiconductor companies such as Intel, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Freescale-NxP
• Tool expertise across Cadence, Mentor Graphics, PADS, Altium, ADS, CST, Zuken, Keysight and ANSYS.



• Roll-out of products that are smarter, yet smaller – enables better user experience and faster design turnaround time.
• High-performance products that consume minimal power – this is especially useful when designing field products that run on compact batteries.
• Advanced security features (within the chip and device firmware) to prevent unwarranted cyberattacks in a connected world.









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