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Welcome to the world of zettabytes! Companies today have access to a massive, unearthed gold mine – it’s called data.


Welcome to the world of zettabytes! Companies today have access to a massive, unearthed gold mine – it’s called data. According to ARC Advisory, the Industrial Internet of Things combined with analytics offers new approaches for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. With integration and business process automation, this emerging market dynamic will increase the value of a modern asset management and user adoption. End users are making a connect between typical Enterprise Asset Management objectives (uptime, asset longevity, cost control, and safety) and business metrics (revenue, cash conservation, profitability, and risk management).
The challenges that enterprises face in building & executing the right data analytics strategy include:
• Understanding the right data to be captured for their business
• Poor visibility on key issues that can be solved using data
• Non-availability of a unified data platform – multiple data sources exist in silos
• Shortage of data scientists who could build the right strategy to address potential growth opportunities for the organization
• A proper ROI methodology to track and monitor the investments



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Recognized by NASSCOM in “Top 50 Excellence in Analytics 2015”
• Developed BIG data solutions in Industrial, Utilities and Transportation space
• Strong ecosystem of academia & partners.
• Technology partnership with companies such as Splunk, Tableau, Qlik, SS, IBM, Microsoft, MathWorks and Amazon.
• Vendor neutral system integrator with experience in multiple platforms
• Big Data platforms such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Splunk, non-Hadoop systems,
• NoSQL data stores such as Mongo DB, Hbase
• Analytics tools like R, SAS, Python, MATLAB and SPSS
• Visualization tools such as Tableau, QlikView, Spotfire & other open source software
• Readily deployable data models that can enable deep insights in areas such as Vibration Analytics, demand
forecasting, Computer Vision, Condition based Maintenance and Warranty analytics.



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