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EEPS from L&T Technology Services offers: • Usability Engineering to develop rich user interface, ease of use, and delightful user experiences.


With the mass adoption of mobile devices, business users expect access to their enterprise applications on-the-go. This has led to an increased demand for hybrid apps that offer consistent user experience and are cost-effective to build.
An increased need for customization has led to the rise of citizen development. This gives users the ability to create their own applications using development environments sanctioned and approved by the corporate IT team.
Also most business applications have commonly known vulnerabilities, which potentially creates the threat for massive data and security breaches in the coming years. The enterprise security architecture needs a complete overhaul to enable seamless connectivity between multiple intelligent field devices, and enterprise systems and processes.



EEPS from L&T Technology Services offers:
• Usability Engineering to develop rich user interface, ease of use, and delightful user experiences.
• Engineering Applications to digitize enterprise functions such as sales, R&D, manufacturing, service and operations
in an enterprise:
· Readily deployable solution accelerator and frameworks such as remote monitoring and control software (RMCS), end-of-line test suite (EOL),
and data visualization.
· Data acquisition software for remote monitoring and control of field devices.
· Manufacturing automation for continuous device programming with factory settings, and automation software for packing lines.
· End-of-line test suites for automated testing, and capture of test results for each product.
· Field diagnostics and simulator software for quick trouble shooting of field issues in the devices.
· Product configurator software tools to capture product variant requirements.
• Software Development for workstations, client server, web and cloud based architectures.
• Security Assessment and Compliance for stringent certification requirements such as OWASP, and CSP guidelines.
• Software Sustenance Support for continuous enhancement and bug fixing of existing software.

• Migration from outdated technology platforms to new technology platforms including databases, operating systems and middleware.



• CMMI–DEV Staged, Ver. 1.3. Level 5 Certification.
• Use of agile-based software development methodologies.
• Technology partnership with independent software vendors such as Microsoft and Amazon.
• Continuous integration framework to deliver quality software with codevelopment of automated unit test projects.
• Maximize code coverage, analysis, and metrics for performance measures.
• Member of OPC foundation.



• Consolidate and unify applications to reduce total cost of ownership.
• Enhance the smart intelligent quotient of your enterprise by bringing
together field devices, applications, and processes on a single platform.
• Track projects, field assets, enterprise operations, and supply chain in
• Faster time-to-market and cost savings through automation test
• Build customized products to meet engineered-to-order (ETO) customer
needs using product configurator software tools.





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