Smart Products & ServicesIndustrial Protocol Implementation & Certification Services (IPICS)

IPICS from L&T Technology Services offers analysis for optimal protocol selection, integration and certification.


Communication lies at the very core of the smart manufacturing vision. Secure, robust and reliable industrial protocols
are essential to its success.
A robust communication framework requires enterprises to factor four key considerations:

  • Interoperability – The ability to exchange data from systems and devices that communicate with multiple communication protocols to create a smart eco-system.
  • Security – Engineering to ensure that communication is secure and hack-proof.
  • Seamless cloud connectivity – Real-time communication between devices and the cloud to ensure that the latest data and insights are available to all stakeholders in the enterprise.
  • Certification – Compliance for inter-operability requires extensive knowledge of the nuances of all complex standards.


IPICS from L&T Technology Services offers analysis for optimal protocol selection, integration and certification.
Design Analysis for Protocol Selection

  • Determine the most suitable communication protocol for devices and applications
  • Evaluate and finalize security algorithm
  • Formalize certification standards for product compliance.

Protocol Certification Support -

Certification support for various communication standards such as NEMA, DICOM, SIL, MIL, IEC60601, ABS, DO178B, DO254, ARP4754, HDBK217F, ARINC, IP, OSHA, UL IEEE, NEC, TUV, HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, Profibus-PA/DP, IEC61850, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, BACnet, LoRa, BLE



• Leader in industrial automation for six consecutive years in Zinnov Global Ratings
• Ready and customizable and patented IoT platform, UBIQWeiseTM, for quick deployment with no vendor lock-ins
• Ready stacks for major industry protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, USB, Ethernet, ProfiNet, BacNET, and DICOM
• Well experienced in deploying protocols for inter-operability.





• Ability to bring isolated plants and machinery to the smart ecosystem
• Smart cognitive networks to understand the environment, interpret events and act on insights
• Secure devices and end-points using advanced encryption and authentication schemes
• Enable new products to communicate with legacy protocols
• Interoperability and cloud connectivity of protocols



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