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L&T’s vast experience in medical devices manufacturing has earned for us a broad spectrum of expertise to provide solutions to our customers and meet their sci-tech demands with high-level of accuracy.

  • Image Processing

    With the advent of GPU, Image Processing has become a viable solution for most of the industries today. L&T has an Image Processing team working on dynamic fields for more than a decade.

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  • Hospitals Made Smarter

    The Hospital Industry is at the cusp of a major transformation. Recent regulations, tightening of government funding and move towards a value based healthcare has put hospitals under tremendous pressure. People are expecting a bigger bang for their buck. Recent consolidations in the hospital...

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  • Medical Devices Health Monitoring

    Medical devices keep us healthy and they need to be in a good shape for continuous operation. Any breakdown of these devices result in disruption of services, repairing and maintenance costs and unsatisfied customers. That is why OEMs are moving away from a reactive maintenance scenario to a...

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  • Patient Care 2.0

    In this new information age, the patient has become the central point of healthcare. No longer are patients just the passive receivers of healthcare delivery, they have become active partners of the whole Care experience. Safety, convenience, clear communication and the overall experience of the...

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  • Point-of-Care Diagnostics

    With the shift towards value-based inclusive healthcare, OEMs are shifting the focus to produce devices that enable a distributed diagnostics ecosystem. It helps them to reach more patients, produce quicker results for doctors to analyze, makes it possible to diagnose patients in remote and...

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  • Diagnostics and Therapeutics Devices

    With the rapid growth in aging population, with high risk of target diseases, rising incidences of cardiovascular diseases and cancer cases, there is a growing demand for minimally invasive diagnostics methods, safe and effective therapeutics procedures and after-treatment continuous patient...

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