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L&T Technology Services (LTTS) offers comprehensive engineering support by partnering with Microsoft, National Instruments, and other Fortune 500 companies globally.


To cope with the heightened competitive climate, airlines have been enriching their user experience by delivering superior Inflight Entertainment and Communication (IFEC) services. The focus has been on customizing inflight entertainment and communication systems depending on travel class, and offering live-streaming, and Internet connectivity on board. While the objective is to enhance the cabin Graphical User Interface (GUI) experience, the lack of resources to handle open-source and other advanced technology stacks has been a serious concern. Internally, airlines are implementing productivity improvement tools, test automation, and data analytics solutions, as well as health and performance monitoring systems to cater to passengers’ demands. Many companies are also looking to streamline their independent verification and validation processes to elevate the inflight passenger experience. With these trends gaining pace, the IFEC services market is projected to increase from $2.85 billion in 2015 to $5.80 billion by 2020.


L&T Technology Services (LTTS) offers comprehensive engineering support by partnering with Microsoft, National Instruments, and other Fortune 500 companies globally. Our service suite comprises of system validation, connectivity, mobile app, multimedia infotainment and HMI testing, application development, porting, integration of third party components, and data analytics. For software development, L&T Technology Services web competencies, the cloud, .NET and VB frameworks, and open source platforms ensure multifaceted client requirements are met. We also leverage LabVIEW, CVI, and other best-in-class system design software to deliver robust test and measurement services.



  • UMACS that enhances user experience and analytics.
  • DT Robo™, an Android test automation framework.


  • Manage IP-based, inflight entertainment effectively, and reduce maintenance efforts  with our robust IFEC service offerings.
  • Minimize or eliminate cabin crew intervention for certain inflight amenities by availing our
    design, development and testing services.
  • Ensure seamless connectivity onboard with our extensive expertise in network
    management solutions.


L & T Technology Services

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