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L&T Technology Services (LTTS) provides comprehensive support for end-to-end integration of powertrain solutions across vehicle families.


While the automotive industry is in the midst of transitioning to driverless cars, original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) are striving to enhance their design and manufacturing capabilities to upgrade existing powertrain models. Stringent emission laws and fluctuations in fuel prices are also driving manufacturers to downsize internal combustion (IC) engines as well as adopt hybrid and electric variants across vehicle families. With the introduction of low emission zones (LEZs), enterprises are additionally exploring alternate propulsion systems and intelligent battery systems to cater to specific end-user requirements across geographies. As the number of electrified vehicles is expected to multiply by a factor of 7 to 10 over the next decade, the need for e-powertrain components will rise exponentially—driving the development of smart hybrids.1 Overall, enterprises are a focusing on standardizing architecture to ensure reusability and reduction of time and effort for migration, feature development, testing and compliance.


L&T Technology Services (LTTS) provides comprehensive support for end-to-end integration of powertrain solutions across vehicle families. We offer system engineering and requirements management support that ensures standardization of architecture as well as auto-coding, stack configuration, and implementation services—minimizing cost and effort required for migration and development of features. Backed by our feature development and testing support, enterprises can easily integrate and validate software components, generally provided by multiple suppliers. LTTS’ functional safety framework ensures seamless technology migration in vehicle variants and functional safety compliance across the globe.



  • Subject matter experts for AUTOSAR, MBD and functional safety.
  • In-House labs for power and motion.
  • Accelerators for BMS, plant modelling library, high-efficiency DC-DC converter.
  • Off-shore labs for dSPACE & NI.
  • Leveraging cross-industry experience.


  • Optimize costs and reduce effort by availing system engineering and requirements management,
    model-based engineering services that ensures reusability of features across vehicle families.
  • Adhere to evolving regulatory and emission standards by leveraging auto-coding, and our continuous integration framework.
  • Integrate and validate software components at an optimal pace with our expertise in testing, development, and migration services.



L & T Technology Services

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