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L&T Technology Services provides the latest testing and certification services that meet international compliance standards.


The global aviation test equipment market is estimated to reach $7.15bn by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.64%. Following years of decline, the global aerospace and defense (A&D) sector is slowly taking an upturn, proving itself to be the driving force behind this expected growth. Moreover, an escalating number of new models and avionic platforms that are rapidly entering the market has additionally triggered the need for calibrated, customized equipment capable of complying with the requirements outlined by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). A steadily evolving regulatory landscape has always been one of the key factors enabling the testing, inspection, and certifcation (TIC) market to continue to proliferate. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), are focusing on reducing the number of vendors they work with – the ultimate objective of standardiziation and automation of testing methodologies to reduce operational complexity, and disparate R&D initiatives. However, as technological innovation continues to progress, test platforms and approval systems become increasingly complex, ultimately hindering time to market and business continuity.


L&T Technology Services provides the latest testing and certification services that meet international compliance standards. These include line-replaceable unit (LRU) functional testing that comprises automated and compact test systems, report generation in Excel, LRU production testing and board level testing. With our deep domain experience, we develop and deliver test plans and certification reports, bill of material (BOM) and long lead items list. L&T Technology Services also provides support for fabrication, assembly and installation, upgradation of legacy ATE, test controls, display and data acquisition design, and systems integration bench (SIB). Additionally, we offer services in design modification, detailed design of parts, analysis-based sizing, preliminary and concept design, and certification support. L&T Technology Services specializes in turnkey based test systems, real-time simulation, data logging and
reporting, engine and


fuel system test rigs, auxiliary system test rigs, HIL/ SIL testing, and control and monitoring SW.


  • Complete turnkey solution–from specifications to ATE build, delivery, and maintenance.
  • A comprehensive test systems value chain designed to deliver up to 35% of cost savings.
  • In-house test lab facilities for pre-qualification testing.
  • In-shore and off-shore test programs ensuring highly accurate test coverage of up to 95%
  • Test labs setups and maintenance initiatives in line with customer defined KPIs.


  • Achieve geo-specific regulatory compliance with our qualification systems that are compliant with DO-160, D0-178, MIL STD 810, and MIL STD 461.
  • Integrate and produce turnkey systems by implementing our LRU and SRU level systems to roll out products faster.
  • Ensure full functionality with our comprehensive mechanical testing and system calibration services.


L & T Technology Services

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