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Ensuring Exclusivity of your Intellect at every Stage

According to an annual report from the Indian Patent Office - 4227 intellectual property rights were granted and registered in 2013-2014 in India alone. Today, there is a growing need to legally protect one’s creative work to prevent misuse, imitation or exploitation of your intellectual property. Timely registration of Intellectual property with the help of related services can help in establishing and recognising innovative work thereby giving us a competitive edge.

Battling constant industry challenges like threat to litigation, IP Infringement and issues arising from third party intervention, it is imperative to develop capabilities to ensure a work of art is protected with the best technical and legal aid possible. L&T Technology Services houses a team of experts on technical and Legal fields of work. We offers a unique range of Intellectual property services delivered by this team of experts that includes:

  1. State of the Art Search-  a thorough research conducted to study what has already been patented in a given field of art
  2. White Space Analysis-  conducted to help identify gaps or white spaces wherein further R&D can be done to gain competitive advantage
  3. Patentability Search/ Novelty Search- conducted to make sure that one is not re-inventing the wheel and helps ascertain that the innovation is worth patenting
  4. Freedom to Operate (FTO)/ Infringement Search- conducted to assess any possible infringement of third party patents and intellectual property rights
  5. Competitive/Technology Landscape Report- conducted to identify potential competitors and their territories along with studying trends in the industry

Our experts frequently share thought-leadership at International conferences on Intellectual property rights.

Speak to us on how we can help you in your journey to secure your intellectual property!

L & T Technology Services

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