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Embedded Systems & Platform Software horizontal at L&T Technology Services help OEMs, ODMs, Operators and Semiconductor Manufacturers build and develop innovative and future-enabled hardware solutions to secure leadership in the market place.


Our engineers have rich experience in designing systems in various domains Telecom Infrastructure, Consumer Electronics, Compute & Storage, Automobile, Industrial Products, Medical, etc.

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  • Hardware Board Design

    L&T Technology Services offers customers complete board design from concept / feasibility analysis to customer support engineering. We have developed and refined our design capabilities over the last few decades in verticals like aerospace, automotive, hi-tech, medical devices, consumer...

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  • PCB Design

    L&T Technology Services offers a wide range of PCB Design services including Centralized Component Library creation, Schematic creation, PCB routing, Gerber reviews and Prototype development. Most of our engineers are IPC certified and have extensive experience in PCB design services.

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  • RF Design

    The scope of application areas for RF/Microwave products is nearly as broad as the number of technologies themselves, with a reach that grows wider with each passing year. L&T Technology Services helps customers design RF solutions for Wireless Connectivity Products, Base Stations, Mobile Systems,...

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  • FPGA Design

    All industries face challenges in addressing customer requirements in terms of cost, scalability, functionality and serviceability. L&T Technology Services helps OEMs and ODMs design their product with FPGAs leading to time to market reduction and the ability to continuously evolve and customize...

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  • Platform Software

    Embedded Systems are becoming more complex with more demands like high energy efficiency, limited memory & bandwidth utilization, and high security. L&T Technology Services’ Platform Software team helps customers design their products utilizing features of the Hardware Platforms and Operating...

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  • Hardware Verification & Validation

    Verification & Validation plays a vital role in product development defining quality of the Embedded Systems. L&T Technology Services helps customer test their design on various aspects.

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  • Manufacturing Services

    L&T Technology Services offers manufacturing services from component sourcing to end-of-life support & management. L&T Technology Services partners with leading contract manufacturers and PCB fabrication houses to provide complete manufacturing offerings.

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