Embedded System and ApplicationsTesting Services

Product Verification & Validation has become a challenging process due to increasing technological complexities, hardware & software challenges and stringent compliance requirements, amongst others. End-to-end high quality outcome-based testing capability has become the need of the hour for high quality products without having an impact on its release. We partner with customers as an independent third party to verify & validate their product in a quick and reliable manner using frameworks that enable automated testing and enhance quality.


L&T Technology Services offers testing services to multiple industries like Semiconductor, Telecom, Medical Devices and Transportation which includes Automotive, Aerospace, Truck and Off-Highway and Railway industries.

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  • Value Proposition

    We offer end-to-end testing services to accelerate customer business expansion by reducing business risks, in turn achieving higher reliability and better ROI. We offer test services at both system and subsystem levels and are driven by stringent quality standards. Our test services comply with...

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  • Service Offerings

    Subsystem level V&V offerings, System Level Offerings, Device OEMs, Chipset vendor / Semiconductors, Network OEMs, Communication Service Provider, Media & Entertainment, Value Added Services, DTRoboTM, Bluetooth Automation Kit

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L & T Technology Services

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