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L&T Technology Services is a longstanding and established VLSI Design Services partner offering value-added Design Services from Spec to Silicon. Semiconductor market evolution is driving all the players towards achieving less and lesser time to market, which has led to partnering with established, expert and experienced teams. The VLSI group of L&T Technology Services has a strong team with expertise in RTL to GDSII, partnering with global leaders in the semiconductor industry. Our technology expertise built over several years, management experience with highest level of commitment and quality excellence make us a preferred business partner.


In today’s Semiconductor industry, there is continuous demand for increased performance, high speed, low power and lower cost products which is fuelled by the intense competition in the market. Our VLSI group is equipped to meet these constantly increasing demands leveraging our technical know-how,...

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  • Make your career in VLSI

    Make your career in VLSI

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  • Value Proposition

    L&T Technology Services is a one stop solution for your design needs providing end-to-end VLSI Digital Design Services including Logic Design, Verification & Validation and Physical Design. We enable customers to be a niche player in the market with our value-added services. The product life cycle...

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  • Why Partner with us

    L&T Technology Services offers end-to-end services in ASIC life cycle from Specification to GDSII. Our experience in helping our clients with more than 80+ successful tape outs along with mutually beneficial and flexible business models make us the preferred partner for our clients.

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  • Successful Models

    Mobile Processor Design, 3D Image Sensor – Gaming, consumer, SOC Verification – Embedded Processing, Application Processor – eReader,Tablets

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  • Service Offerings

    L&T Technology Services has a long standing partnership with leading Tier I chip design and manufacturing companies, engaged in different stages of ASIC life cycle. As a product design and development partner, we provide design technology services in the areas of ASIC, FPGA and SoC development.

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  • Application Areas

    Networking, Wireless, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Telecom, Storage & Computing

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  • Differentiators

    Complete Spec to GDSII capability – One stop solution for ASIC/SoC lifecycle, OVM based VIP development & OVM-to-UVM migration, Strong Design/Verification/DFT/PD expertise in multi-million gate designs, etc..

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  • Accelerators

    L&T Technology Services can reduce Turn Around Time (TAT) by using, Silicon proven GDA IPs like PCIExpress, RIO, USB, Ethernet MAC, DDR Controller, AES, Triple DES, etc..

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L & T Technology Services

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