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Asset Management Services help manufacturers in the process industry meet the key performance indicators and profitability goals while effectively managing assets including devices, systems and information in the process plant. L&T Technology Services’ Asset Management Services provides scalable asset optimization solutions helping you enhance the performance of the entire plant facilities. With experience across various industries, we help in optimizing engineering assets through a consultative approach while providing operational excellence.

  • Engineering Information Management (EIM)

    L&T Technology Services' EIM services help manage unstructured data by using well-defined processes to capture, manage, store and archive information. It helps organizations meet business continuity, process integration and compliance requirements. We also offer services like Design & Modeling,...

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  • Material & Inventory Management (MIM)

    L&T Technology Services’ Asset Management Services team offers MIM solutions that are uniquely positioned to offer customers real-time answers to help reduce costs while continuing to maximize asset reliability and performance. Our extensive solution helps customers realize outstanding return from...

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  • Engineering Tools and Data Warehouse (ETDW)

    L&T Technology Services’ vast experience in asset management services accelerates development and mitigates risks associated with Enterprise Data Warehousing. Our ETDW support centralizes and positions data to manage risk, performance and regulatory compliance with solutions such as Smart Plant...

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  • Tools and Enterprise Integration (TEI) (DMS, Custom Tools & Aps etc.)

    L&T Technology Services has both engineering domain expertise and technical competency when it comes to engineering solutions. TEI engages with customers to deliver solutions that can integrate with their existing applications or work as a standalone solution. This includes creating connectors...

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  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

    L&T Technology Services offers EAM solutions for a smarter planet. Use of pervasive devices, embedded chips, RFID, sensors, detectors and IP addresses attached to enterprise assets make their management easier. Services to measure and manage availability of all strategic assets ensure availability...

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  • Asset Monitoring and Tracking (AMT)

    Asset Monitoring, Tracking and Control is becoming a major requirement in today’s world due to technological advancements like IoT & M2M and also due to GIS and Wi-Fi becoming economically viable. AMT refers to tracking the movement of physical assets, either by scanning barcode tags attached to...

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