Mechanical EngineeringComputer Aided Engineering (CAE)

L&T Technology Services has the largest CAE team in India, based at multiple locations. We are supporting more than 44 multinational organizations across the globe in their Product Development initiatives. We have excellent infrastructure to remotely support globally distributed customers in a highly IP secured environment. The team helps undertake various engineering analysis tasks.

  • Static Analysis

    Linear & Non Linear (Material/Geometry/Status) | Design Optimization | Composites Modelling | Hex Meshing | Etc.

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  • Fatigue Analysis

    Fracture Fatigue Analysis | Metal Fatigue Analysis | Weld Fatigue Analysis | Vibration Fatigue Analysis | Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis | Spectral Fatigue Analysis | Composite Fatigue Analysis | High Cycle Fatigue Analysis | ASME Fatigue Analysis.

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  • Dynamic Analysis

    Vibration Analysis | Spectrum Analysis | Harmonic Analysis | Modal Analysis | Seismic Analysis | Buckling Analysis | Frequency Response Analysis | Rotating Machinery Analysis | Transient Dynamic Analysis | Explicit Dynamic Analysis | Drop Analysis | Crash Analysis | Metal Forming Analysis | Deep...

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  • Thermal Analysis

    Thermal-Structural | Coupled Field Analysis | Steady State Analysis | Conduction Analysis | Transient Analysis.

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  • CFD Offerings

    Chemical Species Transport | Phase Change Models | Under Hood Thermal Analysis | Conjugate Heat Transfer | Multiphase Models | Discrete Particle Tracking | Dynamic Mesh Motion | Radiation Problems | Solar Loading | High Speed External Compressible Flows | Shock Wave Prediction | Electronics...

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L & T Technology Services

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