Internet of Things and Machine to MachineIoT Applications

L&T Technology Services has invested in developing partnerships and use cases to address the industry verticals such as Transportation, Industrial Products, Healthcare, Plant Engineering, Media & Entertainment and Telecom. This enables us to ensure quick turnaround time for customers’ IoT needs. Our IoT and M2M application team boosts of developing solutions in remote monitoring and diagnostic; asset and fleet management; security and surveillance; automation and control; telematics and e-health space.

At L&T Technology Services, strong collaboration between technology and domain experts helps to quickly translate a business requirement to functional and technical requirements. L&T Technology Services has a dedicated application development team which works with domain experts to deliver on IoT applications across different domains. The application team works across technologies like Cloud, Mobility, Security, Big Data, Analytics and Connectivity to offer the right M2M solution for addressing customer needs. 

Few applications that have been delivered in the IoT/M2M space are:

  • Water management solutions like smart valves, flow/pressure/temperature sensors
  • Home automation solutions like smart thermostats, HVAC, devices supporting uPnP
  • Building Management solutions like elevator management
  • Wireless control and Monitoring of Fuel dispensers
  • Remote Monitoring and control of machines like motors, welding equipment, compressors
  • Plant Monitoring - SCADA, PLCs for predictive maintenance
  • Sub-station Monitoring and Data acquisition from heterogeneous power devices for analysis and fault detection
  • Remote tracking and monitoring of vehicles for fleet management and telematics

SmartWELD – An IoT Framework for Weld Quality Assurance

Weld Machine OEMs and its users are deeply concerned about monitoring the quality of the weld output; they also want to bridge the gap between weld work planned in the design house versus the work performed on the field.

SmartWELD helps you to plan your weld work, guides you to perform the weld work through an Augmented Reality Experience and assists you to validate your weld work with an accurate weld score and analysis.

Functional Description

  • Smart Planning - Use the existing 2D, 3D weld drawings. Add additional weld details on each welding points and push planned data to Cloud
  • Smart Guidance - Weld engineers through their mobile/tablet will retrieve the planned 2D/3D weld model in the field for step-by-step assistance through augmented reality. This will bridge the gap between weld work planned in the design house versus the work performed on the field
  • Smart Validation - Get an accurate weld score with analysis for each weld by comparing the real-time data of the weld machine, planned data and the real image of the weld work
  • Smart Analytics - Weld quality analysis linked with ERP, weld consumable analysis to reduce cost, weld equipment health analysis

Key Benefits

  • Track and monitor the productivity of welders
  • Substantial reduction in money spent on training the welders
  • Use existing 2D/3D drawings to add critical weld work data which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime
  • Step-by-step Augmented Reality Assistance for weld workers on field to improve the stability of each weld and reduce missing or miss welds
  • Monitor the condition of the weld machine, predict possible failures, enable predictive maintenance to reduce downtime

UBIQMeter – IoT Analytics Framework for Utilities

With the growing demand for energy, Utilities are facing increased difficulties to manage energy distribution and also to improve customer satisfaction. UBIQMeter is an IOT framework to enable a host of applications analytics and services on connected meters.

Functional Description

  • Smart Forecasting - Helps Utilities in load forecasting, distribution planning and also assists in equipment health monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Power Outage Management - Informs outages in real-time to customers; identifies nested outages and optimizes field crew dispatch for quick power restoration
  • Smart Savings - Connected meters enable hassle-free billing and assist in energy management up to final loads
  • Theft Detection - Compares feeder energy to aggregated meter data to detect, localize and alarm energy theft

Key Benefits

  • Tracking and monitoring of energy consumption up to final distribution
  • Substantial reduction in money spent on subscriber bill generation
  • Customer is informed on outages and notified on clear action plans, for improved customer satisfaction
  • Monitoring the condition of electrical equipment and prediction of possible failures, enabling predictive maintenance and reducing downtime
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