Internet of Things and Machine to MachineIoT Ready Hardware

L&T Technology Services works with its Industrial and OEM customers to develop and deploy hardware solutions best suited for their M2M and IoT objectives. We engage with IoT hardware OEM’s to create IoT ready hardware (and retrofits) on one side and also work with industries to customize/enhance their current Hardware implementations and suggest new hardware for M2M.

Industry analysts have rated L&T Technology Services as one of the leaders in Hardware Development Services. In the IoT space the team is widely acclaimed and has experience across diverse industries and multiple projects. We work with Module vendors, sensor and equipment manufacturers to help them enhance their product portfolio. Our IoT ready Hardware services portfolio includes:

  • Hardware recommendations related to specific IoT and M2M solutions
  • Product Engineering and design
  • Embedded application, firmware and device drivers
  • Protocol stacks integration and development
  • Device testing, IV&V
  • Labs (in-house and third party)  for pre-compliance testing
  • SDK , Plugin and API development

Listed below are few Hardware related credentials:

  • Hardware monitoring systems and sense platforms across industries. L&T Technology Services has delivered Hardware components for monitoring sub-stations, machines, pumps, HVAC, thermostats, fuel stations, elevators, motors etc.
  • Protocol support for IoT devices. The teams are well versed to work on existing hardware (or develop hardware from scratch) with connectivity (GSM/GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RF, NFC, satellite) or domain specific protocols (Zigbee, CAN, ODB, Modbus, DLMS, BACnet etc.)
  • FPGA and hardware development capabilities ‘Bundled as one’ to deliver on an optimum hardware solution for your IoT needs
  • Experience in developing BSP/Device Drivers/device connectors for sensors, PLCs and standard protocols 
  • Exposure of working with multiple chipset vendors on their Micro Processor/Controller units and sensors
  • Certifications and regulatory compliances: In-house labs and infrastructure for pre-compliance and conformance testing
  • Embedded application development capabilities on Linux, Windows, Android and proprietary RTOSs
L & T Technology Services

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