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The Edge of Innovation

Whether you are interested in the automotive aftermarket space or all things smart and digital, you will take away with you the latest insights, trends, and solutions.

Each blog post is crafted based on four pillars: Digital Engineering, Perceptual Engineering, Smart Manufacturing and Operations, and Pervasive Technology. We welcome you to join us in exploring our world and witnessing how we visualize key challenges and build solutions to resolve them.

From the factory floor to the board room

Here is how we operate

Digital Engineering

Customers expect devices to get smarter by the day. Only those companies that evolve with technology can hope to make a mark in the future. Digital Engineering is the bridge between the old and the new, and can help organizations evolve in the right direction.

Perceptual Engineering

Perceptual Engineering involves the use of the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. At the heart of this evolution lies neural networks, which will shape the products of the future. Perceptual Engineering is concerned with the models of perceptions and cognition of living biological systems.

Smart Manufacturing
and Operations

Smart Manufacturing and Operations is a revolutionary new way to make products. It incorporates the concepts of Industrie 4.0 and virtual manufacturing as well as connected manufacturing. Both Automation and Smart Manufacturing have major roles to play. The major buyers are plant managers and plant engineers.

Pervasive Technologies

The building blocks of Pervasive Technology are embedded systems connected by network technologies with wireless computing, voice recognition, Internet capability, and artificial intelligence. The goal of Pervasive Technology is to produce an environment where the connectivity of products is embedded. The buyers include CTOs, CEOs, and CSOs.

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